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Benefits of Visnova's Tenant Warranty

In House Guarantee Plus


  • Gives you the property owner piece of mind!

  • Minimizes risk for you the property owner.

  • Adds accountability to property manager to place only high quality tenants.

  • Increases profits, by eliminating costly new commissions!

  • Increases value proposition of the tenant placement fee and monthly management fee.

  • Covers not only a bad tenant, but a bad economy.

  • Makes renting safer for you the property owner!

  • Is longer than our competition, and is without fine print!


Formal Insurance Guaranty


  • Tenant Guarantee is PrOmised by an A-Rated Insurance Carrier

  • Landlord may seek a claim from the Insurance Carrier for Loss os Rents

  • Payable by the Proposed Tenant, Not a Landlord Cost

  • Insurance Policy, Claims Administeration Information Provided by Insurance Carrier

  • Fairly Low Cost for Proposed Tenant

  • Excellent to Use with Missed Opportunity Renters that Do Not Qualify due to Credit by Traditional Means

  • Excellent Means to Mitigate Losses by Landlord

  • For Use in Addition with or In Replacement of High Deposit Requirements

Find Out More Information About This New & Unique Product by Emailing or Calling Today!

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